The last chapter to our Moldovan trip

The last few days in Moldova were extremely busy. Tuesday we gave coats and clothing to the nursery children , these were from the ages of 2 to 7 . They were so cute , with approximately 15-25  children in each  class,

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we visited casa Speranta the house of Hope which houses 17 children  and Impreuna “together” which provides a home for up to 40 children all children are  orphaned through many social circumstances. Many of the children have parents but sadly have abandoned them due to parents who have lack of finances, through poverty, parents with  drug and alcohol addiction, some children have been abused themselves  or parents remarry have other children and abandon the other child. All  these  children are given a home, an opportunity to continue an education and they are shown love. The people that run this place have dedicated their lives to start the project up many years ago and they rely on financial support from the government and surrounding businesses and projects that will help these children receive food, shelter and clothing. Giving winter clothing to these projects helps to keep the costs down financially as the money they save from not having to buy new coats  can be  used to pay for heating the building for the winter and help towards food bills.  The team visited a mother and baby unit which provides shelter, protection and educates very young mothers  from the ages of 14 , and also mothers who have faced domestic violence a place of security for them and  their baby. Each family received clothes for mum and baby and nappies for the babies. It was an emotional time listening to stories of abandonment of families torn apart through abuse and neglect. It was wonderful to see so many childrens lives touched by receiving a coat sent with love from all those amazing children in England.

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