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These last few days have been very busy and I have not managed to get to an internet connection. Friday was a day of waiting, the lorry waited hours at the border waiting for documents to be finished to allow the goods to get through the customs . The phone call eventually came at 3 -4 pm and victor went to Cahul to receive the lorry and together guided it into Pascani Village. The young people came and helped unload and store the boxes in to the school Gymnasium.

receiving the boxes from the lorry

receiving the boxes from the lorry

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Saturday afternoon Victor went to Chisinau airport and met the team from Operation Orphan, took them to a comfortable hotel until the morning. I on the other hand stayed in Pascani and went to a church on the Sunday with the young people to a church called speranta and they sang and led the worship in the church. The preaching was excellent and we enjoyed spending time together just like we had done before. Victor and the team travelled back to Pascani Sunday morning in a minibus and arrived safely in Pascani village. Moldova is so different from England and the culture and the team had a lot to take in in the first hour as they walked round Victor’s parent garden, taking photos and taking everything all in. Obviously the team were welcomed with a warm meal of traditional Stuffed peppers and Sarmali and homemade compot (juice).

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Sunday Evening was spent at our local restaurant Andy’s Pizza, two things happened, we ordered coffees only to be told that there was no water so we could only have tea? !! strange thing to tell you ,but we found out that the water in the town had been cut off and that the restaurant was using bottled water to serve tea. Then we were told we could only order 2 pots of tea!!! Why well because all the teapots were in use! So all night the waiter spent running up and down refilling our pots of tea with fresh hot water so 7 of us could have a drink. It was so funny. But nothing surprises me these days.

Monday morning was a very busy but fruitful day, all the clothes were set out in ages and types of clothing ready for us to open up the school at 11 am , however there were so many children already there by 10.30 we let them in. Each child was carefully directed to their age group and they had to choose a coat, hat scarves and gloves and they could have tights, t shirts skirts and trousers. It was amazing each child came out with a pile of clothes and a big smile on their faces. Many children’s lives were touched today by the goodness of people in England who donated their own clothes for the children Of Moldova. The whole school from the ages 7 to 15 and the teachers received clothing. It was an awesome feeling to see so many people, many who wouldn’t be able to afford to buy these themselves, be blessed with these gifts.20141027_094709 20141027_094745 20141027_094812 20141027_103658 20141027_110756 20141027_113502 20141027_123258 20141027_124913 20141027_125544 20141027_094812 20141027_102457 20141027_094644

We finally sat down to eat at 3pm and enjoy a nice meal prepared by my mother in law of the tastiest Borscht or (sour soup) to those who don’t understand. Then a taste of the most amazing, sweetest organic pears picked from my mother in laws trees. What a feast. Praise God for a very amazing and fruitful day x




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