Yesterday was a day spent in the market buying food to prepare ready for the team. Shopping in the town of Cahul is an experience. As you walk down the main street where the shops are each peach of pavement is surrounded by people on stools selling everything you could imagine, food products to shoes and toys. At the beginning of the street ladies old and young sit there with buckets and baskets of fish to sell which they or family members have caught either from the local Balta (lake) or as far as from the Ukraine, Cray fish crawl around in a plastic bag waiting to be taken home and eaten, another lady sells legs of lamb cut up ready to buy lay out on the top of a bucket. The street is filled with local fruit, vegetables; Potatoes carrots, pears grapes tomatoes and cabbages. And old ladies trying to make a small wage sell their own chickens slaughtered and plucked and lay in plastic bags on display. This is not ASDA or TESCO or your local ALDI, however every product has been home reared, home grown and the majority of it is totally organic with bruises on apples and all. You at least know where it has come from and the people have worked hard to rear the animal or carefully tendered to their crops. This is Homely food! It tastes better by far and you feel that at least you are trying to support the local community in making ends meet. By winter all the vegetables will have disappeared and imported vegetables will fill the spaces in the street, but for now taste and see what the Lord has bestowed upon us !!!

Whilst in England while preparing to return to Moldova a member of staff asked me what they could do to support the young people whom we are in contact with in Moldova. There are so many needs including finance, however for the time that we would be there I felt that spending time with people and socialising with the young people is a very important part of discipling people. Many families do not have money spare to go out and eat pizza and others do, however this is at the expense of losing a member of family that works probably 9 months in a year abroad away from their loved ones to bring food and clothes to their tables, to educate their children and to complete their part built houses or renovations.

I asked for money and we were able to take 18 people out for pizza to a nice restaurant Raffaello . The restaurant was beautifully decorated and tables laid out nicely, this made each one of them feel special and cared for. As I’ve said many times things don’t always go to plan in Moldova and victor faced that when we ordered 20 pizzas and the waitress said it could take a very long time. This was because the chef had only started 4 days before and he had little practise in making so many pizzas. However, when I first met Victor he had learnt to be a pizza chef in Bristol, and this came in very useful this night. Now this probably wouldn’t happen in England but Victor offered his services and he would help make the pizzas to make the orders quicker. Victor made out all the pizza bases by hand and the chef put all the toppings on, they made a team and worked together. What an amazing night to say you had eaten pizza made victors own fair hands!!!

The young people were absolutely amazed, also thankful that so many people in England would donate their money for them to enjoy an evening out, so to ward 83 staff at Royal Manchester Children’s hospital, THANKYOU !!!!

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