An evening with the young people

We arrived on Moldavian soil at 12.55 pm , Roman our nephew , who always devotes his time to be with us met us at the airport and took us to his home. We managed to get a few hours sleep before continuing our journey to Pascani another 3 hour journey. It was a nice feeling been back in the village and it felt like we had never been away. Victors parents were there to greet us ,a warm welcome before siting down to a homely meal of my favourite borscht ( sour soup), sarmali ( stuffed vine leaves and placinta, (cheese pie). In bunica and bunelaus back garden BUNICA AND MUMMY bunicas front yard BUNICAS GARDEN AND TOILET - Copy bunicas outside kitchen CHICKENS IN THE BACK GARDEN DADDY AND BUNELU FRONT YARD GEESE IN bUNICAS GARDEN we then fell into bed after an exhausting couple of days to catch up on a few hours sleep before meeting up with the young people. We arranged to meet them at Ela and Sergius’ house, what we didn’t expect was a full house of young people greeting us with hugs and tears and a welcome song created by the young people themselves. an emotional and overwhelming time full of joy and reminiscing and catching up on the last few months passed. This was not a time of just socialising but, a time of encouragement to them to continue the work we began, to read Gods word, disciple others and to encourage one another in their walk with God. We had an amazing prayer time, praying for those who feel the calling to disciple, young people to have boldness and to be empowered to spread Gods message of love. we were encouraged by what God has been doing in each individuals life and building them up to continue in their walk. it was a blessed evening. P1030459 P1030460 P1030461 P1030462 P1030463 P1030464 P1030465 P1030466 Wednesday Today we met with the director of the school and nursery organising the place where all the clothing for the children will be distributed and planning times for children to come and receive their clothing. We are expecting the lorry “God willing ” to arrive Friday and for the clothing to be distributed Monday and Tuesday.  now we wait in anticipation for the red light for the lorry to arrive. victor will be busy Saturday travelling to chishinau to meet the director Brad Moore and the rest of the  team from Operation Orphan, all 7 of them,and briging them back to Pascani,where distribution will start Monday.

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