Another chapter to our travels and mission in Moldova.

We have been back in England for 6 months now after spending a year living in pascani, in a little village in Moldova, sharing the love of Jesus and discipling young people in the local church.

We have got back in to our old Jobs I working on the children’s ward and Victor continuing with his joinery. In march Brad Moore came to Moldova to propose a mission to deliver warm coats and clothing to orphaned children in Moldova ,Pascani. That was a vision and a proposal for Victor and I to pray about and to be involved in, here we are 6 months down the line stuck in an airport waiting for yet anther connecting flight. we have 2 more flights before we touch Moldovan soil, so tiring yet so worth it. But we are ready to meet the lorries arriving in the next couple of days and preparing the distribution team and place before the England “operation orphan team arrive on Saturday.  We asked for safe travels and patience throughout the journey and that is what we have had, God pushes us to test our patience and give us more patience. Today has been just that, waiting around airports, queuing and hoping that a flight would be available to get to our destination. Today Lufthansa decided to strike therefore cancelling 100,s of flights affecting not just us but many peoples Journeys. whilst at the airport The bible verse that comes through my phone gave me Phillipians 4:6 do not be anxious about anything but in everything by Prayer and petition with thanksgiving present your request to God.   This means for us today to trust rely and lean on the promise of God and praise him in all situations as you have already received the answer. He is an awesome God.

I have set up emails to Charisses school teacher so that she does not have increased anxiety as we have left her behind in England, she went to school today carrying one of my tshirt. Bless her ,she prayed for us as we left and we continue to pray for her. Please continue to pray for our 2 weeks as we embark on a new adventure .

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