The last and long weekend

Jesus has risen ! Easter Sunday

Easter Morning service starts at 6am for those people who can get up at that time it’s great, but for people who struggle and have children it’s difficult. Victor and some of the young people sang some worship songs and everyone sang and thanked God for his son Jesus. Boris and Iosef preached and we all greeted each other with a hug.

Roman  (our nephew),and his wife with their baby and Lorina our niece spent the Easter together with us, including victors parents. Easter breakfast as always is painted boiled eggs and Cozonac or known as (pasca) a sweet bread, we knock the eggs with a component and say “Hristos a Inviat”( “Jesus is risen”) and the egg that cracks the least is the of the family traditions is to buy a lamb and cook it outside. The lamb was bought from a neighbour who raises lambs/sheep and he slaughtered it for us, the meat was cooked in a big cauldron pan on wood burning over a grill. We ate with salad and ate outside in the lovely sunshine. This would be our last meal with our niece and nephew and parent in laws together, so we made the most of it.


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The young people wanted to see us again for the last time and after Easter on the Monday we organised a BBQ were we would meet together and eat. We met in the woods just outside Manta and we were surrounded by grass thistles and bushes , not many trees !! And thank God the weather was very nice, in fact very hot. Everyone sizzled in the sun as temperatures rose to 27 degrees, it didn’t stop everyone playing ballgames and the belt game which can be very painful (you have to chase your opponent with a belt and catch them). We enjoyed pork meat and burgers on the barbeque bread and homemade compote. We had a lovely time and spent the whole day out, nobody wanted t to end and we weren’t looking forward to saying goodbye L. Everyone stood round as victor said his goodbyes and hugged everyone, then it was my turn to say goodbye. Seeing all the young people together 24 of them and knowing what a great relationship victor had built up with them, reality kicked in that we were leaving and I began to cry and couldn’t stop. It was very sad .


Goodbye Pascani , Moldova , we love you and will miss you xxx

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