All night Prayer evening with the young people 1/4/ 14


Victor arranged an all-night prayer meeting for the young people in April; it was arranged from 8pm onwards. The prayer times were focused around 4 or 5 prayer stations ,each station had a large sheet of paper with photos on them a visual reminder of what to pray for such as Praying for certain people for the surrounding places of worship, for schools for themselves, for the lost. The young people were split into groups and they had to go to each individual station and pray. They also had a time of quiet to listen and wait upon God (something which can be challenging). The young people regularly say they cannot hear God talking, however God doesn’t always have an audible voice, God speaks through other people, through reading the bible and something will really inspire you when you read it, you may get a message, through your thoughts, God may put a word on your heart for someone or as you close your eyes a picture of a person may come into your mind. This is God speaking and maybe you need to pray for that certain person or you need to say sorry for something you’ve done. God is in your everyday life, you may think your thoughts are all yours but the Holy spirit has put them in you he speaks to you and guides you. This is how we communicate and hear God. The night of prayer seemed very long, it had been raining all night outside and by 2 am the young people were tired so victor decided a prayer walk would be ideal to wake them up. It was pouring with rain and as young people are inappropriately dressed for the weather they reluctantly left, umbrellas in hand they walked from Pascani village to the end of Manta village. Victor encouraged them to ask |God to give them something to pray for and inspire them. The young people were amazed how the Holy Spirit moved and each one had things to pray for that they never imagined. |They felt refreshed and spiritually uplifted, they arrived back at the Pascani church at 4 am wet but happy. Another spiritual breakthrough in their lives.



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