Last meeting with young people

Thursday and Good Friday Victor arranged to show a Jesus film for the young people of the villages of Manta and Pascani. Every young person was involved in the organisation and making cakes and serving people drinks during the break. Many people attended including young and old! And we pray a seed was sown as they watched the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

Victors last meeting with the young people was on the Tuesday just before Easter, they specifically asked if I would come as well. Of course I knew they were up to something and I wouldn’t want to miss it. We began worship and practising songs for the Easter Sunday and all of a sudden all the young people stood in a line as if we were going to sing and they sang a song they had made up all about us and the time we have spent with them and how much Victor had helped them grow spiritually. They sang two songs which they had made up, presented us with a beautiful photo frame with photos of all the group and in big words it wrote family. It was a very beautiful thing to do for us and we were very touched, it was nice to know they loved us as a family. It was very emotional. We will miss them.

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