spring has arrived

It is now April and in fact this is our last Month here in Moldova,we leave on the 24th of April.  This is one of the busiest times of year for the Moldavian people as everybody is busy digging over their land ,clearing their gardens and sowing seeds and planting crops . spring cleaning is on the go as people was all the curtains, bedding dust their homes of cobwebs and the painting and refreshing of walls with var “lime wash” will begin.

Victor continues to be busy meeting the young people on a Tuesday and Saturday, and because the minibus has been sent back on a trailer to England ,everyone has to walk to the village Manta. fortunately though it hasn’t rained and rained only twice this year so that helps. the group has grown in numbers and two other girls from another village in Crehana have started coming to the meeting as well ,also  a friend of Cristina’s has begun to come to the meeting. Amazingly this young woman only came to watch Cristina get baptised and she also made it clear she had no beliefs in Christ. well praise God but Cristina has been discipling her and this girl has now come to Christ herself. Isn’t God amazing !!  two other young lads from another village have also attended the meeting last night, its great that the young people feel free enough to meet together and feel relaxed and are able to worship God pray for one another and share of Gods love in a fun way.  Victor and the young people  are  proposing to hold an event in Manta and Pascani for young people to come and watch the life of Jesus. he is currently busy planning ,finding the right locations and making the posters for the event, this should be exciting, please pray for the week of the 12th to the 18th of April that many lives will be changed as they see how and why Jesus died on the cross for us.

I myself have been spring cleaning, washing curtains hoovering cobwebs  and washing rugs, the house feels very empty though because the majority of our clothes and toys and books were sent in the minibus to England so the house feels a little bare. Easter in Moldova is on the 20th Of April so I will look forward to spending time with my parent in laws, sister in laws nieces and nephews here and make the most of the nice weather we have been having in Moldova . Charisse speaks really good Moldavian for a little girl who only spent eight months here she is amazing she has made new friends in the village and is not shy at all. as much as she is sociable and has integrated well into Moldavian society, charisse talks a lot about going home to England and seeing her friends from Nursery and her grandparent there. It just shows to me that as much as she has enjoyed being here in Moldova ,charisse has missed her other life in England. As for me I have  very mixed emotions, leaving Moldova will be very difficult has I have grown to enjoy the quietness and the people, however I miss my work  friends family and I certainly have missed  fish and chips !! However those thing’s are not a need but a desire . what is more important? I ask myself , comfort and a happy no nonsense life OR a life following what the Lord wants which can be sometimes out of our comfort zone. Moldova has been out of my comfort zone, most definitely, it has made me appreciate every minute with my family, nature and most importantly to follow what God desires us to do and that is to “go and make disciples”. That is exactly what Victor has been doing and the fruits show. what an amazing year it has been for him.

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