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I haven’t wrote for a while, I have been busy trying to spring clean the house and find time for myself to sit and type, so here goes.

I haven’t wrote a blog since the baptisms, but two days after my lovely friend Liliana, her husband Senea and her children Simona and Misha Parpalov all left for America. They were immigrating to a new country a chance of a new start, a new life ,maybe even a better lifestyle and more work opportunities for them. living in England I could see their attraction to America, they have an aunt and their grandparents over there whom they haven’t seen for a while. modern life, parks, jobs, shops and all the other attractions you find. having lived in Moldova nearly 9 months now I can see the difficulties, the poverty and the reasons why families  separated because one parent has to go and work abroad to raise enough money. most people who leave have qualifications and have a profession, however the salary in Moldova does not cover the cost of living for Moldova. As a nurse myself if I was to work here in Moldova my salary would probably be 2500 lei around £150 month which is 10 % of my salary in England, I would just not manage on that salary. our last gas bill was 2500 lei and then there’s electricity ,TV internet and food and transport. It   amazes me how people manage to survive here. people have chickens, grow their own vegetables, preserve vegetables and fruit and jams for winter and all that helps feed their families. So I can see why Liliana and Senea needed to leave ,however they left behind their friends, one of their grandma’s and when i think of this little village I see the innocence of children and the simplistic life which we no longer have in England and definitely not in America, and I wonder if  moving is the right choice.

I certainly have enjoyed the quietness, the simple life  the natural resources that surround me and the lack of consumerism which is bombarding and pressuring people all the time. The pace of life is less stressful and maybe at times a little too laid back. there is definately  a part of me that still clings to England and the choices we have, my independence and my job as well as friends and family left behind. But i will certainly be thinking of Moldova and the home I made here, my friends and my parent in-laws whom I love dearly. when I look around and see people beginning to work on their gardens ready to plant seeds for summer, the sun shining and people sitting out and saying good day to you when you walk past, it makes me feel at home.  I definitely will miss Moldova when I leave in April and I know Victor certainly will. 

So going back to the evening when Liliana and Senea left , for the Airport Victor had already left to go to Chisinau to pick up a team from the airport. Brad from operation Orphan and Hannah Oldham and rob carter from missionary ventures. The evening was definitely eventful. Victor took a friend with him to drive the minbus to the airport and 2 other friends whom  came along for the ride,however the minibus broke down in a middle of a village miles away from a town. They could not start it and with no recovery service around they were stuffed. All we could do was pray, I prayed for an angel to come and help victor get to the airport in time for the team coming. An angel did come bless him in the form of Roman, victors nephew whom after a long days work picked the team up from the airport and met victor where he had broken down in the attempt to get the minibus working!! unfortunately the minibus did not start,so Roman had to drive the team who consisted of Rob , Brad and Hannah all the way to Pascani ,That is a 6 hour round trip after a long days work!!.  Fortunately for Victor a minibus that was taking Liliana and Senea to the airport brought a spare  tractor battery with them knowing the circumstance victor was in  and Victor was able to start the minibus and get home, phew it was a long night for everyone. Thank God for family and friends who were there to help in a time of need.

The team that came primarily were here in Moldova to look at a prospective mission in October Brad who runs Operation Orphan help vulnerable children ,orphaned and poor children by providing warm winter packs . Rob  victor took ,Hannah and brad to visit children’s homes, foster homes and mother and baby units . They also had a opportunity to spend time with the young people in the church  and enjoy an evening at Andy’s pizza. Brad was also able to share a word on the Thursdays church service and play guitar and share worship together. It was a very filled 4 days and all plans are now hopefully  in place for a mission in October which we will be involved in with operation Orphan . That should be exciting. So it has been an eventful time for  both parties  and good news is they all arrived safely back where they needed to be the Parpalov family in America and The missionary ventures team safely back in the UK. Another successful team . 

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