New beginnings

I always love a good Baptism , and its especially good when its someone close to you or good friends. When Cristina Selemet and Simona Parpalov decided to go ahead and be Baptised we were very excited. They are making a public announcement burying all the old, dying to sin and been reborn through the death and Resurrection of Christ. So going through the waters is like been reborn and been cleaned of all the sins . The Church was packed ,many people had travelled to see their family members go through baptism. Simona and Cristina are cousins, which makes it really special but also the fact that tonight Simona is leaving with her mum and dad Liliana and Senea and brother Misha and emigrating to America.what an amazing thing to end with and say goodbye in the church by Baptising in the church were Simona had grown up surrounded by the people she knows and loves.

The clothes they wear for baptism are white gowns ,I guess a sign of purity ?  we in England wear our bog standard clothes, not sure which I prefer.!!  Way it done is pretty much the same except they dunk the person down into the water

I felt so emotional and tears came to my eyes as we see 2 young people following Christ  and making a commitment and taking that step through baptism. I am so happy. a minister came from Emmanuel church and preached about Baptism and the gospel, and Praise the Lord a few people gave their hearts to the lord and became born again in that service.

Boris and maria had worked tirelessly the evening before as well as family members making food and putting on a spread of burgers salad and Sarmali. All our young people and family were able to eat, it was in total 29 people. Thankyou all Seremet family for all your hard work, it was lovely.

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