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I am feeling very anxious today as I know that if we do not find someone with a trailer to take the minibus home,then we are definitely going home on  the 13th of March. Out mot runs out on the 17th and we need to get the van in the country for then! we did not anticipate this and have been praying about this. We are praying a miracle of some sort someone who can drive it BACK TO ENGLAND FOR US WOULD BE A GOOD ONE. However we know that God is a mystery and sometimes he makes us wait till the end so we can put our trust in him. I feel a deep sadness which I had not anticipated when leaving Moldova.  We have a lot to thank God for he has sustained us through thick and thin here, the good and the bad times.

This weekend at least 3 people will get baptised , and I do pray more young people will want to come forward for baptism. unfortunately there is always someone who tries to put a stop to the good work we do, because we are working and standing for Jesus Christ and the enemy will do whatever to stop this from happening. so please pray that Sunday will be an amazing day of testimony and all that need to go through the waters of Baptism will, be cleansed , renewed and that the fire will come. Pascani Church Baptism please pray . we are very pleased for the young people who have become our friends, whom we care about a lot.

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