On ,my way home

Tuesday 25th Feb 14

up at 5.am toast and coffee. Case done good bye to Yolanda, Charisse still asleep and 5.45.am both Victor and I set off for the bus stop on the main road, this entails a 15 minute walk in the freezing snow, pitch black, negotiating mud (GLOD), puddles(BALTOACA) and Ice, with no street lights and roads or pavement life is very complicated and tough and no point in wheels on your suite case at all !!!! So pleased Victor was holding both my suite case and me. 3 hours on a packed small mini bus rattling along is an experience and a culture shock if your not prepared. Well I was prepared for this and after three hours I crawled off the bus onto to the ice and snow in Chissinu. Victor then bartered with the taxi’s to get us to the airport. On our arrival 10.15am we had time for a coffee and sandwich and a valuable time to reflect together what we felt God was doing over the 2 weeks and this was a special time for me.

Victor has a tough calling here in Moldova and I believe he had to come to do this work. Victor never wanted to come back to Moldova but our God had other plans for him once he had a family. We both agreed that we have an awesome God. We prayed and thanked God for his Grace as both Victor and I have been forgiven so much and both are receivers of God Grace and much more. I am now on my flight back to UK and feel like this is only the beginning in fact I know this is only the beginning, I pray all who read my blog will know Gods blessings in all they do and know that God does waste one minute of time. 3 Days in Munich alone was the Belly of the Whale in my walk with God. It was in that place God spoke into every area of my life and he is now with me on my journey to ? Well let’s just wait and see.

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