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Monday 24th Feb 14


morning visit over breakfast from Lilianna Parpolov a friend who is emigrating to America with her husband daughter and son in less than 2 weeks. I actually feel sad they are leaving the village they have been born and bread. The lack of finance is sending lots of families away. We then went to visit Lydia a lady in Manta the next village and ate bread warm from the oven it was lovely. By 1pm we went to pick up Charisse from nursery then straight over to Victors parents to say my goodbye’s. We stayed all afternoon and had food with the family. Lots of talks about history in Moldova and UK and church culture in Moldova. 5pm we have been invited to a birthday celebration a young married couple Ella and Sereoja it is Sereoja’s birthday and they are having a get together with food. Lilianna Senea and their daughter Simona have joined us their son Micha is can’t come tonight. I am pleased to spend time with these people as I leave at around 6.30am in the morning. The food Ella made us was amazing I thought I had walked into a Michelin 5 star restaurant what an a wonderful last evening of my trip. These people are so loving God and this reflects in all they do. By 9.15 pm we had eaten, shared, prayed, laughed, and my heart had cried a little very quietly and hoping no one could see the grief in me. I said my goodbye to Charisse and she prayed for me how I stopped myself from crying I know it was with Gods help, this Child is Heaven sent what a great God he gives children to parents and blessed others with them as well. I know God is doing great things here in Moldova because I can see the vision and I can see the Victory that is yet to be shown. The hard ground has been softened the soil is ready to grow the seed and God is raising up leaders. The Glory is in Moldova and Victor,Yolanda and Charisse are playing an important role here. I ask God to direct them for the next part of their journey. I thank God I have had the privilege to be part of this, and may I remind you all that just because we can’t see the big picture! It doesn’t mean there isn’t one, Oh Father God my faith has shown me your plan and purpose and I thank you that now I can pray in your will for Moldova and for Victor Yolanda and Charisse. And all the believers say Amen.

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