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Saturday 22nd Feb 14;

Up and ready breakfast 8am and off to pick up young people in the mini bus. Today we are in Cahul the town at a church called Emanuel for a youth conference. We picked up 6 young people from our village and Manta the next village. 3 other young people meet us in Cahul. This church is a new building very modern and is near the university and has a large youth and student attendance. The musicians are very good and use their many talents to worship God and reach out to others with music and songs. The conference was one of the best I have attended theme purity the man who lead the conference was a medical doctor originally from Romania now lives in LA America his name Titus Coltea he brought a really good session, also the minister of the church shared re; a project the local church called ” true love waits ” it is a really good project and make a difference in so many peoples lives. I would love to see it run in the UK but as it promotes not having sex as oppose to safe sex and from a Christian point of view not sure if UK schools would accept it. 3pm and the conference is over and young people are buzzing about the things they learned and giving their own views on true love waits and sex outside of marriage. Home to Yolanda with Tabita a young girl I met in November from Manta the next Village. Tabita joined us for a meal cooked by Yolanda after our meal 6pm and it was straight off to the house meeting with the older young people 16 young people some who had attended today’s conference. Guess what the opening conversation was? Yep sex and relationship all positive though and so refreshing to listen to such maturity. The meeting ended around 10pm and we have the mini bus tonight so young people get a lift home to the other village and young people in our village took a lift. 11pm and we are home. Drink short prayer thanking God for the day it has been a very good blessed hard working long day Amen. Good Night (Nockti Buna)

Sunday 23rd Feb 2014

.Up at 6.30am big day today, we are travelling to Giurgiulesti near the border of Romania. We have been invited as a group to attend a Sunday Morning service and share. We have a full mini bus and a car so about 17 young people plus Yolanda Victor Charisse and me, invading the church. Young people sang and prayed all the route we set off for the 10am meeting. All exciting stuff and the young people are even on fire today. We were so welcomed all the people loved our visit and the service given by Victor and young ones. Service ended 12.30pm then the minister announced that there was food prepared in the upper room for us. Well we have feasted well on chicken, cheese pie, rice noodles. Sweet pastry’s biscuits and sweets Oh and bread lots of it. We prayed for a teenage girl who had became detached and stopped communicating with anyone her mother brought her we asked God to come in to this situation, It was we set off in the bus to visit a house in Vadul lui isac to pray for a young girl who has a mental health problem. The girl we are going to pray for is called viorica aged 22yrs. Viorica’s cousin asked us all to come to her home to pray for her. 5.30pm and we are on route home what a long day of ministry something I didn’t anticipate this trip. God is so good and this has been a very busy day and a very busy two weeks oh Lord Jesus you take care of all my needs and you make the hard ground soft and the cold frost warm.


Dupa o zi lunga after a long day!

Dupa o zi lunga
after a long day!

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