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Friday 21st Feb 2014:

After breakfast and some housework Yolanda and I went to pick Charisse up from nursery. We then walked through the village to visit Victors Parents. It was lovely to see Victors parents they are lovely people and so loving. Charisse enjoys seeing her grandparent’s (bunica grandmother Bunelu grandfather) however her and Bunelu (granddad) have a little special relationship it is funny and cute, I love to hear Charisse having conversation with people in the Moldavian Language. We picked up new laid eggs from Victor’s parents chickens so I think we will be having fresh eggs for breakfast tomorrow. We had to head back home at 3pm as we had arranged to meet the young peoples group 11 to 14 year old youth at the house for their weekly meeting. Victor has planned some good games for them today. The games are a learning tool and Victor has worked hard to build good positive strong relationships with these young people and that is evident. I am now seeing more of the younger people that took part in the peer mentoring programme in November last year, it is lovely to see how they are all coming along and working together. I am so blessed, Nine young people came 7 girls and 2 boys turned up today. Who is God was the question to the group. We sang how great is our God, this opened our discussion after playing some games one being open a chocolate wrapper using your mouth only. Well chocolate all over our face I did it in the end felt a little sick after. Reading from Acts of the apostles the holy spirit and the great commission this was the discussions today very interesting. 6pm meeting finished and by 6.30pm Victors phone is like hot line the older group members who don’t meet on Fridays are wanting to talk to Victor, it is a demanding role working with these young people and by 9.00pm Victor still counselling a young person with Yolanda sitting in. Well in all a good days work, more over I am witnessing some great work in progress hear in Moldova. Proud to be part of this work in a small way, however I am seeing the big differences the work is doing in young lives. X

ps meeting with young person did not end till 10pm !! lots of prayer needed

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