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Tuesday 18th February

Up early chat with Yolanda, and cuddles with Charisse before she was taken to nursery. Breakfast with Vic n Yolanda and prayer a lovely relaxed morning lunch was bean soup with smoked bacon ribs lovely. Victors sister Maria called to visit and had food with us. At 1.00 Charisse was home so a play time with Charisse then I decided a sleep was in order so off to Chariss’s bed for a little nap, zzzzzzzzzzzz. Woke up and got ready for youth group meeting at 6pm. 12 young people at the youth meeting once again it was a brilliant evening. Victor is doing a great job working with the youth and they seem to enjoy him being their youth leader. We talked about believers baptism and some young people will be baptised on Sunday 2nd of March in the morning service, 10am Moldova 8am in UK so I will be praying for them. Xx I must say I love these young people and will miss them when I leave next Tuesday. Meeting ended 10pm these 4 hour meetings are regular and exciting the young people are just like UK young people and they do love Jesus and know him in a very deep personal way. I pray that young people in Heywood would want more of Jesus in their life. I have made a decision that youth link will be teaching more of Gods ways and Jesus love on my return and I know it will be a blessing in my home town of Heywood. Good Night God Bless.

Wednesday 19th Feb 2014.

Today we went into Cahul to get the mini bus repaired as there is an electrical fault. We got ready to brave the weather and on route to Cahul we stopped to pick a couple of people up who were walking into the town. It was foggy on route and this made it a little difficult. On arrival we had to go outside the town centre to a garage who could do the electrics on the vehicle. By 11.30am Yolanda and myself. After waiting till 4pm for the van to be repaired Victor came and picked us up from Andy’s pizza place, where we had eaten and had coffee. We then went to see Cristina and Sveta two beautiful sisters who invited us to come to share food, we got to the village and had to park the van up as we can’t drive in the village mud is to deep. We had a good evening and got back home around 9.45pm long day out so bed for us all after reading and praying. Night Night everyone.

Thursday 20th Feb

up and no plans for today. Breakfast with charisse Yolanda and Victor. The weather is so cold ice fog and mud so to go out is a big thing. We spent time in prayer there are lots of needs here in the village. Victor had to go into the town and Charisse’s friend game to play all lovely. At 4.30pm Victor and I went to a Church meeting in the village and met some of the young people who are going to be baptised. We trudged home in the mud and my nose was frozen I looked like rudolf the red nosed reindeer when I got back. Yolanda made us a lovely lamb curry and rice very warming. Looking forward to what tomorrow may bring. Good Night God Bless x

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