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Monday 17th Feb 2014; Up at 8am today didn’t go with Victor to his 6.30am prayer meeting. Had cuddles and Played with Charisse for minutes as Yolanda was taking her to play group. On Yolanda’s return we chatted and did some blog writing. Decided to make a cup of coffee with some water in the kitchen. Yolanda had gone to pick up Charisse and Victor had gone to Cahul. On their return I told them I had filtered the water from the kitchen to have a drink. Well Victor then informed me I had used the stagnant water he had collected from a container on the roof to use for the toilet etc. Lol prayed for protection of my stomach

. Well my stomach is fine and tonight we went to Natasha and Slaviks home for a meal it is Slaviks 33rd birthday and Natasha made a meal for about 14 of us and it was a wonderful evening of food and friendship. The young people who joined us were talking about being baptised all very exciting.

8.30pm and we set off back home along with Lillianna her husband Senea and their son Misa and daughter Simona we had fun they where throwing snow balls and slipping in mud. Well another good day in Moldova the village of Pascani xx I learned tonight that when the young people here want to read our blog they use google app to translate my words to Moldovian and when they read my yesterdays blog I wrote the Neighbours had invited us for a brew/coffee. This translated that the neighbours had invited us for beer “Oh my goodness” I must be careful how I write the Neighbour had invited us for tea and coffee. Thank you Neighbours Lillianna and Sennia. Beer never passed our lips or has ever been offered God bless our Moldovian friends. Now it is 11pm and it is Good Night from me and may God Bless you all.

When walking home in the dark after our visit after snow ball fights and fun, Me, Yolanda and Lillianna were slower than the rest of the group, It was very dark I couldn’t see well and I heard Yolanda shout Baltoaca, both Lillianna and Yolanda ran and I stood still in the mud and shouted “what is BALTOACA just as I shouted a big van drove past hit a big puddle of water and I got drenched in muddy water. Wow I now know what Baltoaca is, we laughed so much it was almost uncontrollable, it was so funny. Loved our evening of food, fun, ice, snow, rain, mud and BALTOACA.

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