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Victor and I pass an old closed down shop every day and for many months Victor has had it on his heart that the young people need a place of refuge where they can interact, socialise, play games have a youth centre. There are no provisions for young people in Pascani,except a small dingy dark room in the corner of the school gym which has no electric and the walls are covered in mould. the  young people have some basic weights there and thats it! How amazing would it be to turn an unused building into a fantastic place for the young people of the village to be able to workout , play pool or just a place to chat. We do not know exact how much a building would cost to buy but around £5000, plus the building required heating, windows, a new roof and flooring and of course equipment. this is not an impossible task because God is a God of the possible , with prayer and support we could make a difference in a little village. look at the photos pray about it and think about how you could help make it possible.P1020615 P1020616 P1020617 P1020611 P1020612 P1020613 P1020614

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