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Saturday 15th after some sleep we attended the 6am prayer meeting, I met some people from whom I met in November and one new person. A young man named Dima, this young man has never been to Church however he has made a commitment to Jesus Christ and is wanting to be part of a church. In resent weeks he has joined in with Victor and the young people, Edward has been his mentor and helped Dima to learn about God in the bible. Good meeting with a little study from the Bible. Breakfast with victor Yolanda and Charisse then we braved the snow ice and thick mud. A visit to Victors parents to give them a big hug from England lovely to see them. Victors mum cooked nice food for us and we ate and had a nice time with them. We then braved another difficult walk in mud snow ice oh and puddles of slush. After returning to the house Victor asked if I wanted to do the Saturday youth group at 6pm by now it is 4pm, full of mud and with a red running nose I accepted the invitation with excitement. 5.30pm set off to get to session now it is dark no street light pitch black another mud snow slush ice walk. Brilliant night with youth sharing story’s of my walk with God over the years and the work back in Heywood with teenagers and working with women in Manchester, young people were interested and comparing life in Moldova with life in the UK. 10pm we r still talking time did fly we were locked into such interesting discussions. Singing was amazing these young people are beautiful and so talented.  By 10.30pm Victor and I were walking back to the house in frozen mud so much easier. X

Sunday 16th Feb, up at 7.30am and no water in the village. Wet wipes are Gods gift from heaven right now. Church at 10am set off 9.30am in wellington boots and 4 pair of socks. Mud is at its best today slush ice is slippery so need all my strength to make this journey. Church packed and all Victors group from last night were leading worship they were awesome my face hurt with smiling God is so good. The lovely thing was that Dima the new lad was with them and singing praising and sharing wow first time in church and leading the worship how great is our God. We presented the church with a laptop and camera brought from UK, gift from UK to Moldova. They loved it and the minister suggested we take photo’s to send to uk and to bless the church here in Moldova. After church all the young wanted to visit people in the village and offer help to the needy. We went to visit a man who was blind and he needed wood bringing in for a fire to keep him warm.

The young people had told me they need a youth centre and Victor has been praying about this empty building for months. We went to the empty building and prayed that God would bless the village with this building to use it for youth. I want to raise £5k to get this youth centre. Help will be needed so let’s get praying in UK for this to be fruitful. I am now on another mission to see a youth link Moldova.

After this we set off home 2pm and I noticed my bottom cheeks were in pain and the tops of my legs hurt, I told Yolanda laughing because she informed me walking in the mud as we have no roads or pavement in the village has given me a good work out. By 3pm we were invited to a neighbours home for a coffee. We had pop corn which the young people made from corn cobs and fried in pigs fat then salted it was so yummy I ate nearly a washing up bowl full. Washing up bowl was how it was served lol brilliant, then the daughter of the lady baked cakes for us and made coffee on the stove. We then had other guest join us who brought cake and sweets. By 8pm after sitting at a table for hours trying to converse with 3 different languages Moldovian Russian and English also having fun with all this communication and miss understanding and poking fun at accents we set off back home wellies back on and trudge through snow slush mud ice. I said to Yolanda what a walk just to go into the neighbours home oh the joys of Moldova in winter and still no water. 10pm supper cooked by Yolanda yummy. Prayer chat them bed, night xxxxxX

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