How God is moving amongst these young people

God is so amazing how he tends to his sheep. Victor spent an evening  discussed Baptism with the young people. Victor has mentioned on several occasions that if we are discipling people and we are asking people to be born again and be baptized then we at least need to have been through that our self. The young people have given their lives to Jesus and have been learning more about the bible and growing strong in their faith. The next step for them is to be baptised and we have been praying that they will come to this realization .

Victor and I made a visit to Emmanuel church in Cahul and they discussed they were going to arrange a day for baptism on the 23rd of March and if anyone needs baptism then to speak to the minister. Victor mentioned this to the young people and asked them to pray about this to see if any of them is ready to take the step,  One person came forward and she said she would like to and this was very exciting to hear.

In the meantime Jenny arrived in Moldova and victor and Jenny they  went to

the Saturday night meeting with the young people. Victor had organised that they would all lead the worship on the Sunday morning service  ,so they practised their songs and chatted to Jenny.

The Sunday morning service was really good all the young people who meet with Victor came and sat at the front, it was an amazing feeling seeing two villages joined together worshipping with a freedom and so much Joy. At the end of the service we encouraged Cristina to go and speak to Boris the minster to tell him there was a baptism going on in Cahul and she wants to be baptised.

It is important to let you know that the church does not have a Baptistry  so Baptisms are arranged carefully to be done at other churches at a specific time, or when a Baptistry can be hired. As victor and Cristina approached Boris regarding the subject another  young people came and said they would also like to be baptised . Boris was overwhelmed and really happy and he even said he would arrange the baptisms to be held at the church in Pascani on the 2nd of march which is amazing!  We are not sure when we are returning to England  and we had envisaged returning mid march, so we would have missed the Baptisms,however Boris will arrange them for the 2nd of |March which means we will be able to witness the baptisms for ourselves. This will be an amazing experience as baptism is an outward sign of an inward faith, going under the water and being washed of your sins and being renewed. a fantastic witness to family and friends.

leading worship at Pascani church

leading worship at Pascani church

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