Jenny,s arrival to Moldova ??!!!

We, victor charisse and I have waited in anticipation for the arrival of jenny who came last November to run the mentoring course. She had promised to return to run either the second part of the mentoring course or deliver some training, and or minister to us in prayer and the young people, she also brings with her a laptop which will be a blessing for the local baptist church in Pascani.

So Jenny was meant to arrive on Wednesday the 12th of February, she had already spent one night in the hotel in Munich waiting for her connecting flight to Chisinau the next morning. Victor is at the airport and he hears that the flight has been sent back to Munich due to thick fog and being unable to land. Great we think, so here we are Friday and we still wait in anticipation the arrival of Jenny. Some people would have given up by now but Jenny has been faithfully praying and everyone on her Facebook page and us. I wonder what God has taught her through this ? these verses comes to mind “be still and know that I am God”     And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.,Romans 8:28

Here are a few of jenny’s messages from Facebook ,they are encouraging and funny.


Father God I thank you that you have given me strength to face this day and all that comes in it. I love you Lord Jesus and ask you to stay close by me forever especially today.

My hotel room in Munich is lovely, shuttle from airport easy, now booked 6am for breakfast 7am shuttle to term 2 already booked n luggage on so just passport control straight to gate for 8.50am flight x  thank you it is lovely in my double bed watching BBC world news can’t understand other channels German lol. bless u

Seated on my flight plane take off 5 mins give me a wave lol


12th February

Lovely sleep off for shower now then breakfast and shuttle back to terminal 2 Munich airport flight to Moldova xx there I will be expecting Victor to meet me 10.15am UK time in Moldova it will be 12.15pm then 4 hours later will see Yolanda and Charisse xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Just been told by the pilot on my plane it is at Freezing point in Moldova x phew!!!! Zo glad I have my fur coat booooooooooo

Hi FBFs we can’t land because of the weather in Moldova so the plane has had to turned round going back to Munich I really don’t know what happens next x God knows and we trust in our wonderful God to undertake this in Jesus Name x I have Gods peace and pray you will have that same peace right now in Jesus Name

Flight tomorrow have to stay over in Munich back to hotel now in the bus stop waiting xxx will give you flight number bigger plane tomorrow so better chance they say and we trust love u x

Back in my lovely hotel complimentary drinks x apple juice me lol no alcohol for this girl xx meals lunch and dinner bed room lovely and breakfast before me pick up for another flight tomorrow morning whoooooooo think I am having a little holiday xx poor Charisse she was expecting me doesn’t understand my none arrival and cried orrrrr I am sure her mummy will convince her I will make it tomorrow xxx


13th February

Good morning xx another trying flying out to Moldova from Munich x Lord I do not want another round trip. I pray travelling mercy and to land safely into Moldova. I pray safety on the long few hours on the bus alone as Victor is working and can’t meet me at the airport. What an adventure Father God we are on this together x love you all speak soon got a plane to catch.

Well I am now on the plane seated in 10a nice window seat. It is sunny in Munich x pray landing mercies in Moldova x yay moving now phone going off


Hello friends the airport is closed so we are now on route back to Munich Via Vienna to re fuel. Try again for tomorrow I will let you know what the air travel company suggests however I am happy to stay in Munich again until I can fly out to Moldova. I am happy to get fly again tomorrow morning if I can, I will get to the bus with directions x I have a little Moldova n money and sterling notes also my card

Ground hog day lol back to my hotel xx blessed insurance xx lo l

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you tomorrow its only a day away lalalalalalalalalaaala larrrrrrr hahaha larrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Ground Hog Day xx flew to Moldova again same time from Munich again lol arrived couldn’t land so pilot announced we are going back to munich xx Blessed insurance another night in hotel 3rd one wow we are getting our monies worth lol x same time same place same smelly clothes not seen my luggage since Tuesday lunch time. Hummmmmmmm well see ya later xx

Yolanda the simpson in German so weird lol xx

Ok tomorrow is not going to be ground hog day. Fog will lift in Moldova and my third attempt to get in will be successful xxx I will then do the 3 hour bus ride to meet Vic in the town then short ride into village to Yolanda n Charisse xx up at 5 am back to airport xx to my destination Moldova only tomorrow I will land Yay!!!!! Sleep time now as it is nearly 10 here in Germany xx

14th February

Good morning no it is not ground hog day. God is good. The fog has lifted the airport in Moldova is open we can get in the name of Jesus I declare this to be truth for today and I say to satan you are not going to stop me! Why? Because I am in the victory of Christ Jesus who went to a cruel cross and shed his soul cleansing blood for me. And now I stand in his authority and say TODAY I WILL GET INTO MOLDOVA.

victor says take a parachute just in case they decide not to land !!LOL

Moldova be afraid be very afraid jenny is on a MISSION go Jenny

You will declare a thing and it shall be so amen,

And we are off xx pray I get in to Moldova today in Jesus name amen

.Jenny  is in Moldova! About halfway on the bus to be met by Victor! Praise The Lord!

I am here wow x so happy took all day got to Yolanda n Charisse 5pm x

P1020586 P1020605Photo: Grandma back on Moldova soil







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