Giving out bibles in Manta

Victor and the young people braved the freezing temperatures yesterday to take bibles to the school children in Manta. Of course there was so much snow that it would be impossible to get any transport to take the books, so they used sleighs to pull the books to the main road .

P1020317 P1020316 P1020315                   when the y got to the main road ,unfortunately they missed the bus which would help them get to the village, so they prayed they would find alternative transport . A van came passed which was going that way,and it had just delivered food to the local shop and victor offered the man some money if he would take them all to Manta ,so they all scrambled into the back of the van , sleighs and  all !!!

P1020323 P1020324 P1020325 P1020326 P1020327                                                                                                                The children were very pleased to receive the bibles and the teachers welcomed the support from Victor and his team !!

P1020384 P1020365 P1020359 P1020356 P1020354 P1020352 P1020347 P1020346 P1020342 P1020340 P1020335 P1020332 P1020377 P1020376 P1020375                  The mission was to reach out  and give the gospel and that is what victor has achieved , only with all the support of friends and family who have donated money for bibles we have been able to give bibles to children in 2 villages, to reach another village would be amazing, that is something we will have to pray about. Thankyou for all your kind donations God Bless you all xxxx



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