Moldovan winter

We waited and waited in anticipation for the snow to arrive , people in the village talked about how Christmas hadn’t been the same because the snow had not come. Charisse believed that christmas wasnt here because it had not snowed, people genuinely didnt feel it was the same without snow. I myself was wanting to see a little snow maybe a couple of days of the lovely fluffy white stuff, but then….


The snow did come January in fact but not a lovely fluffy cloudy stuff, a snow that’s blustery, cold and bites you in the face snow. The wind blows at your face and numbs it, the blustery snow that covers your entire back door and blocks the dog kennel full of the stuff. with the snow came the cold,minus temperatures -2, -4.-5-,-6-,-1,AND – 16.  Thats it the coldest day today , the layers get bigger and bigger more and more clothes on to keep warm outside. your scarf covers most of your face to keep the cold from freezing your face and to stop your nose from freezing. That is the hard stuff.

Let me tell you , this winter is certainly hard for me to get used to , but I think of older people who struggle to get out ,the ones that have nobody to help them get food from the shop or to get wood for the fire , I think about them. A few days ago I went to the neighbour Musculita  who often attends church, he is blind and he lives alone, I had noticed he hadn’t been to church so I went to visit him. The snow had covered his paths and the snow was deep. He came to the door and asked who it was , He was so glad to know someone had come, he hadnt been able to get out and he couldn’t get wood for the fire and he had been afraid he would be cold overnight. It took me and a young lad half an hour to clear the snow from the wood at a metre and  half high no wonder he couldn’t get to the wood. we cleared his path and brought him some wood and took him some warm soup. That small gesture was enough for him, he felt someone cared and wasn’t alone . How many more people there are in the village like that ? who knows, just a small gesture . If we all could do that small gesture to just one person today , what a difference it could make to many lives. Jesus says love your neighbours, feed and clothe the poor.  Anyway I will go now and collect Charisse from nursery , because as you see whatever the weather in Moldova life goes on , even Victor has gone to Manta to take some bibles to the school, he has took the bibles on a sleigh !! can you imagine ?

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