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We were kindly donated through missionary ventures money to be used for whatever we felt the need was in the village ;ie clothes bibles ,food etc . Having spoken to a few people there were families in desperate need of support for food and they were struggling for fuel to heat their house as well. We discussed the best way forward and we chose 7  families who we could help. Victor made up boxes of food ; dried food,potatoes, onions, oil,butter and coal for the fire and us and  young people went through the village distributing the parcels. We gave the parcels with the message of Love and hope through Jesus Christ, they were very happy and pleased to accept our support. We was given permission to take photos of themselves so we could show them to everyone. From visiting only a few families I really saw how much poverty there is in the village !! families are surviving on the bare minimum some less than £50 a month ,with cost of living nearer to the prices in England it was shocking to think they had to manage on what they had. Some families had not been able to dress their children warm enough for winter and the girls were sharing clothes. If you are reading this ,please consider helping a family with a food and fuel parcel. There are many other needy families in this village, a lot of them do work but struggle to survive on what they earn. It cost £ 40 to help a family. you can donate to .  The rest of the money we had we have bought some more bibles which we will distribute to the village of Manta in the next few weeks. We pray that God will bless these familes and that they may find hope in the future and they may find refuge and love in Christ Jesus.

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