praying in the New year

New years eve we were not sure what we as a family would be doing ,  we decided against travelling 3 hrs to Chisinau to spend it with our nephew and his family because we found the journey too much for Charisse, so we stayed in Pascani. Victor decided that we would ask all the young people to spend New Year with us and we all provide a dish of food , music and games. I never thought that many would come because young people like to do their own thing and did not envisage that they would spend it singing worship songs ,praying and generally having fun. However that is exactly what happened, in total 22 people arrived at Virginia’s house ladled with food. The games were daft ones like charades, picking up a box using your mouth and other ones I’ve never played before. The table set up for food was amazing, so much effort had been put into making it nice and making us feel welcome.  We sang songs as well and victor asked everyone to share what was the best thing about 2013 how god had worked in their lives and what they anticipated for 2014 .People prayed for the new Year and we ate some more. what I really liked was to see young people from the age of 14 up to 28 and upwards having fun, no arguing and no alcohol. It was the longest night however, charisse had gone to sleep at 3  and by 5 am I was ready for my bed, Victor stayed until 7 am.  It was a successful night and it really brought us all together . Would I do it again next year ? erm maybe ???

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