Christmas time in Moldova


Dear friends and family, I cannot believe it is a new Year already, I haven’t updated the blog since before Christmas ! We have been very busy as you well know, the nativity went very well, as well as distributing the bibles to the children . The church was packed with school children for the for the first  hour and then nursery children . Boris had received shoe boxes from overseas so they were all given out together with the bibles, all the children were happy and had smiles on their faces, for victor it was an emotional time as he thought about each child having a seed sown when they read their picture bibles.



The Nativity was played by all the young teenagers who attend youth group on a Friday, they were very unsure about acting out the play ,but with encouragement they began to enjoy the play . They did really well in front of so many people and they also sang carols , it was a really lovely day.






Christmas eve victor planned a carol singing night were all young people and teenagers would dress up in nativity costume and go round the village singing .victor invited everyone to the house and he made everyone pizza it was such a nice treat for them all. the night  was really cold so everyone was wrapped up as well as wearing angel outfits etc!!! It was such fun , Charisse and I stayed for the first hour and the team carried on singing until 11pm ! The idea of the carol singing was to reach out to the community and sing of the coming Christ . The team went to every house ,sang and gave words of encouragement,bible verses .

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Christmas Day 

my parent in laws

my parent in laws

Christmas dinner was planned by myself and Victor,Roma, Lorina and Sveta our niece ,nephew and sister in law came ,as well as our parent in law. Of course we had a traditional Christmas dinner, which we worked hard to make just like in England, searching for a Turkey from the next village, finding parsnips and sprouts from the capital and making our own sage and onion stuffing with a bit of improvisation !! We had a lovely day and I even had stashes a box of crackers for the table which just finished the setting off. i’m not sure everyone else shared our enthusiasm as well as British terrible jokes! However it felt like home for a day and it was the best organic turkey I have ever eaten . We celebrated the birth of Christ once again, it was great.


P1010976 P1010983 P1010980

Christmas day the church service stared at 9 am ,it was full of course with families, we sang songs and carols and there was a nativity which the younger age group had made with the help of Maria, (Boris’s wife ). It was really nice and the children had worked very hard. Boris gave out a Christmas gift for each child in the church, just like a selection box with sweets and biscuits. They were welcomed by all the children !!

The NativityP1010954

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