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Hello fellow readers out there,

The weeks fly by and it is the 18th of December already !!! victor is busy in the preparation for the nativity play which he will present to the school and the nursery on the 20th ,oh my that’s 2 days away! see how quickly it goes?

we have bought 108 bibles from Money which has been kindly raised by Jenny Kennedy and friends,these  will be presented to the children from the ages of 7-11 years. All the schools and nursery will also receive a shoebox which the minister Boris has arranged to be given out. I am here to support victor and help with the preparations for the nativity.

Charisse is involved in a dance in nursery for the Christmas period and I was asked to help Charisse with the following of instructions because she can’t understand Moldavian very well and needs support. I spent the morning with her and I realise how challenging looking after 30 children with one nursery nurse and an assistant is here. The morning is very regimental, rehearsal for singing was very controlled and children could not clap or move much but they had to stand straight and sing. The music was so loud ,the children shouted to be heard, I told the nursery nurse Sveta to lower the music so they could be heard but she said the children wouldn’t sing loud enough if she did that  !!! then the children had to rehearse their poems ,all 30 of them while each child sat on their bottoms and waited their turn , so they got bored and began fighting amongst one another talking and messing. it was chaos. i just sat there smiling . then the children went off to 4 stations of activities whilst the girls practiced their dance,this was fun but after the 5th attempt it got a bit tiring and the children just wanted to play. Charisse said to Doamne  sveta ,i’m bored I want to play !

there are no inside toilets, so there is a concrete slab hole outside for boys and girls to use and inside when it is winter ,the children use a bucket for the boys and the girls sit on potties. every child needed the toilet through rehearsals as you can imagine it was chaotic. Lunchtime the children sit at the table and they get a starter of soup with bread and then a bowl of potato and a bit of meat. I got to taste the food which was very tasty, but  it was very salty .  soon after lunch the children all go to the other room where there are little single beds pulled together and its sleeptime. this is from 12.30 till 4 pm ! it is a long time to be in bed. I understand the reasoning behind sleeptime, because the nursery nurse needs time out from such a big class, however having observed the children they do not get much time for recreation , they don’t play out in the cold, their morning is very structured so they don’t have much time for free play. This I feel is very controlling and in fact is more like being at school. Moldavian children do not go to school until they are 7 so they are in a very controlled environment for a long time. No wonder children do not sleep till 11pm because they have not burnt enough energy to be tired ,they go to nursery early have breakfast at 9.30, lunch at 12 sleep 12.30 till 4,  4-tea and 5pm home time. I am so glad that Britain as a very good education system where learning through play is important. we should be very grateful for preschool education because it is very good. Anyway that is my little bit on Moldavian nurseries. you will be glad to know Charisse comes home after lunch and we colour, we have made a nativity scene and Charisse enjoys cbeebies channels and games. she is a very active girl, it’s just a shame we do not have a park to go to.

please pray for us for the next week as we begin the nativity and the carol singing christmas eve.

we also are very excited because Roman and Sveta our nephew and is wife and baby Cataleya will be joining us for Christmas, and Lorina our niece. They wanted a traditional ENGLISH CHRISTMAS, so we are going to search for a turkey and all the trimmings, this should be a challenge. I feel very happy that we can eat together and celebrate the birth of Jesus together as a family ,including victors mum and dad. Roma lives in the capital and Lorina lives in Romania so we are privileged to have both of them together for Christmas. May God bless our time together and I pray that your christmas may be blessed and be happy and a fantastic time of fellowship with one another. Lets celebrate the birth of Christ together . Merry Christmas xxxx

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