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I have been in Moldova for 2 weeks now ! how time flies !

Victor is slowly getting used to us being here with him, toys all over and clothes and dolls everywhere, just like old times. I however have found it difficult getting back into the swing of things, I forgot how different it is here in Moldova and how we take things for granted in England.

The two difficult things I struggle with is the toilets and transport. local villages have toilets outside, well a hole in the ground really with a plank of wood where to put your feet,it doesn’t sound bad but it’s dark outside ,there’s no flush,no running water outside and its cold at night,especially in winter. taking all that into account you have to really be desperate to go to the toilet. on the journey from Chisinau airport to pascani ,the minibus stops at a public toilet, let me tell you its so bad, my eyes water with the stench of ammonia and my shoes also, its your worst nightmare as it is a very public hole in the ground adjacent to another hole in the ground, no doors ,no toilet roll, just flies and the putrid smell of feaces and urine. Thank God we have a inside toilet where we live . people go to the toilet and they do not complain , let me tell you if this was England it would be shut down due to environmental damages. However ,Moldova is a very poor country and toilets are probably not their main issue in the country. poverty,economy issues, and corruption and broken roads are a massive issue here. My moan about toilets is just a drop in the ocean .

The other issue I struggle with is the public transport. Victor cannot use the minibus as we can only use it for 6 months in a 12 month period so we are now relying on public transport. the majority of transport here in pascani is minibuses which run every half an hour until 6 pm. The drivers want to make as much money as possible so we can wait anywhere on the road and they will pick you up,let me tell you they would probably win the Guinness book of records for fitting as many people in a bus. literally you are body to body squashed in the bus like sardines, when someone wants to get off you all have to get off to let one person off, it s crazy. everyone usually has shopping ,and the smell of body odour garlic and stale alcohol is in the air, its an adventure travelling. Not like our first buses which are a pleasure to travel in. So as you see my return to Moldova gave me a lot to think about, the things I miss about England ,the things we take for granted. The Village is made up of dirt track roads ,no concrete except on the main road to Cahul, so a bit of rain turns the roads to mud baths , all my nice boots are dirty and you can never stay clean.

I bring these issues up because we as humans take things like this for granted and we never really think of them as a luxury, living in Moldova makes you thankfull for your life , for the things you have and to be more patient in the things of this world. I thank God for this land ,  I pray a blessing on the people of Moldova as they live in these conditions and struggle with poverty ,those who do not have a voice to change things for the better. let us be thankful in all things ,””give thanks with a grateful heart “.

Please pray for us as a family ,for the change in weather and help us to cope with the extreme winter conditions as it comes upon us and for fitting in to the family of God and the Moldavian culture.  Bless you all Yolanda ,victor and charisse xxx

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