Arrival back in Moldova

I arrived safely back in Moldova , after a shaky start at the airport with luggage being 35 kilos I needed to pull all the heavy things out and push it all in my hand luggage. dragging heavy luggage around with you and a child is not my idea of fun. I say it every time ,i wont put so much in” but each time I do. The flight was very comfortable and went was a relief to finally touch down in Moldova and  Charisse was really happy to see Daddy again ,she ran over to him and hugged him so tight ,it was very emotional.

I promised I would organise the paperwork for my visa as soon as I arrived in Moldova and that is what we did, a full day going to get documents translated into Moldavian, carrying out a blood test for my blood group-status and going to another office to apply to get a Moldavian birth certificate for Charisse. All paperwork stamps and money passing to and fro,it’s all so complicated here.

we eventually return to pascani on Tuesday and the neighbours run out to greet us which was very nice and then we walk to victors parents who have been anxiously waiting for us to return. They are so emotional and happy to see us,it a wonderful feeling to be made so part of the family ,I love them so much. In Moldova it is well-known that people turn up uninvited and its an accepted thing to do, so while I’m  busy unloading suitcases,surrounded by clothes ,the neighbours come with pizza in hand and invite themselves over. two hours later I manage to continue unpacking !!! this can be irritating at times but to be honest a bit of spontaneity really does the world of good. (especially friendly kind neighbours).

The village doesn’t change ,the weather is cooler at night but 20 degrees in the day. this is however not evident as people around me wear woolly hats and coats and look ready for winter.I did say that in England people would be wearing their short t-shirts in this temperature, at that the  people are astounded.

I attended my first church service and it was nice to meet and greet everyone again and tomorrow I will be helping the youth group

7-11 yrs. back in the flow of things,and more. A visit to the doctor to obtain a health check for Charisse turned into a half hour conversation with the doctor who would like my help with her English, this will be another task I will be doing . should be a good witness to the family who are not believers.

anyway please continue to read out blog and we will try to update as much as possible. God Bless you and continue to pray for Gods provision for us.

Yolanda,Victor,Charisse    xxxxxx

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