Our Diary is filling

Our diary is filling very quickly and we meet with the young people twice a week Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7.30! That is a guide as they are not so great at time keeping in Moldova, a bit like Africa!

Young peoples group

Youth Group – click to enlarge

The youth group is going really well they are very eager to learn more about Jesus and enjoy the teachings.

We have gathered young people from manta village, pascani. The Crehana church doesn’t have many young people and the church as not shown any openness in wanting to bring young people together.

However they are interested in helping with evangelism and will support us in that.

Victor speaking in Church

Victor preaching

Victor has been made to feel as part of the leadership team somehow, as he is invited to leaders meetings for the region and they are very happy for him to continue with the work in which we are involved.

Victor is asked to share and preach in the church, (usually last minute!) time keeping and organisational skills is not their best parts, as you will see. However with victor getting so much out of leadership in Heywood he is able to impart what he learnt and help Borea with the leaders in the church.

They do not have leaders meetings, so victor approached them to advise them to have a proper meeting to discuss church matters. Their usual meetings comprise of 5 minutes after the service!! Can you imagine running a church like that! It doesn’t and that’s why the church needs some guidance.

The leader Borea (Boris) is a trained minister and the regional ministers have put Borea in place in pascani temporarily and would like to propose to put him in a permanent position in the church as the leader. however he is not paid , he has 6 children, 3 of his own and 3 fostered and he needs to put food on the table.

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