June 2013 News

Dear friends,

Hope you have been enjoying the sunny weather that you had!!

Getting ready

We apologise for the delay in writing to you, it has been a very busy few weeks, and we have been preparing for the prayer team that were coming beginning of June. The team were staying in Victor’s parents’ house and victor made a small bathroom in the corner of the entrance hall, for people to use. It took a couple of weeks but it is finished and is great, a toilet inside, a shower and wash basin. With all the preparation done we were ready for the team to come.

Team Arrive from the UK

The team came on the 8th of June and wow did they bring much encouragement. The team comprised of 5 women all from different churches, Francine( from missionary ventures) and Judith both from the Manna fellowship in Bury, Margaret from  a church in Rochdale also Sandy who works for missionary ventures) and Elena ( A Romanian lady) both from a church from ST  Anne’s.

The women came to pray specifically for Manta, Pascani and Crehanas village and also to pray for us as missionaries. They brought more than could imagine, the first day they prayed in Chisinau (the capital), then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday they prayed in Manta, Pascani and Crehana. Also each evening they shared in the churches and preached and ministered through music and song.

We were very blessed, and the congregation were very encouraged. Each person brought words of encouragement for women in the village and prophesied over them, prayed for the sick and gave words of knowledge. God blessed us with Elena who was able to translate when we went to minister to the women. They helped us be bold prayer and worship, and it felt good to have people alongside us in our ministry in Moldova.

We must admit we were very tired after a week, hosting teams is very tiring and I was the cook so making meals in the hot weather was challenging at times. However I realised that I needed to plan simpler meals which would be just as good with less time. When the team left, it gave us chance to reflect and look at how we can improve things for the next team!

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One thought on “June 2013 News

  1. john (grandad )kennedy

    just read your blog yolanda so proud of the work you and vic are doing, pictures for christmas look graet. good to see pictures of my little girl brought tears to my eyes i so miss her. love to you and vic big kisses for charisse xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx happy 40th just gone c u soon back in england

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